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Management of online teaching activities at universities in Vietnam

Буй Тхи Лы – Ханойский открытый университет (Вьетнам).

Abstract: Online training in universities today plays a very important role. It helps to create unlimited classroom space, creating learning opportunities for learners to accumulate credits and progress to a degree when they are eligible for cumulative points. The article aims to clarify the requirements for online teaching in universities today and provide the contents of managing online teaching activities in universities.

Keywords: management, online teaching, digital transformation, higher education.

1. Problem posed

Online training is increasingly becoming an inevitable trend of Vietnamese higher education as well as global education, especially in the constant development of the digital era, the development of information technology systems. information, artificial intelligence, smart city..., online training has become very familiar in today's life. Effective online teaching requires the teaching process to follow a defined process, starting from the development and approval of the online teaching outline to the design of the online course content; acceptance testing of online courses and implementation of online courses, assessment of online learning outcomes. To do well the above process requires lecturers to have the ability to design online lectures; compiling online teaching materials for the online teaching process and developing an online learning environment for students as well as assessing students' online learning results. Accordingly, it is necessary to clearly define the contents of managing online teaching activities at universities in Vietnam, thereby serving as a basis for proposing solutions to improve the quality of online teaching at universities in Vietnam.

2. Research content

2.1. Requirements for online teaching in Vietnamese universities

Vietnam is building and developing a knowledge economy. It is an economy that develops based on the power of knowledge to effectively use economic resources, including activities of transferring, researching and improving technologies with the aim of creating more material wealth and improve the quality of life for the people. Today, knowledge is considered to be the most important factor determining people's living standards (more than factors about land, means of production, labor factors). In fact, the world's most technologically advanced economies today are all knowledge-based. In the knowledge economy, intellectual labor creates many high-value products in a short time, which causes the labor structure to shift from low-skilled workers accustomed to manual work. to intellectual labor.

The knowledge economy, the digital era and the 4.0 revolution have transformed all aspects of social life, including shaping and developing education 4.0, typically the application of technology in education. Digital teaching and virtual reality technology change almost completely the form of teaching in universities.

In the developing information technology environment, online teaching will take advantage of the strengths of information technology, the delivery of learning content is made using modern electronic tools such as electronic devices, satellite networks, etc. computer, Internet, Intranet,... in which learning content can be obtained from websites, CDs, videos, audio... through modern connected devices (Computers, TVs, Smart phones,...); Teachers and learners can communicate with each other via the network in the form of: e-mail, online discussion (chat), forum (forum), VOD webinar, etc. Vietnam is a country where The percentage of people using the internet has grown fastest in the region and among the highest in the world (according to Cimigo Netcitizens). This is a great advantage for the implementation of online teaching in our country.

Thus, the progress of science and technology is an important factor that directly affects education in general and online teaching in particular. Information and communication technology is constantly evolving, requiring universities to constantly innovate and update regularly in online teaching activities.

Today's education has many forms of online teaching that have created opportunities for everyone (those who are working, those who do not have the conditions to study ...) to access learning and lifelong learning. The number of online learners is increasing day by day. In Vietnam, in recent years, online teaching has been focused and developed at various levels, not only in regular training programs, but also in supporting formal training programs, study and work, training and retraining. In addition, the trend of international integration requires online teaching universities to innovate training programs, methods and training methods to suit reality and towards modernization. From here, it is required that online teaching activities and online teaching management must be implemented effectively to meet the requirements of integration.

2.2. Content management of online teaching activities at the University

2.2.1. Management of planning and designing lessons and learning materials online

Management of online teaching planning plays an important role because it orients the organization of online teaching activities.

Managers need to implement the following contents: Promulgating regulatory documents, guiding the development of online teaching plans for faculties, professional groups and lecturers. (In which clearly state the work to be done, the time schedule...); Faculty, professional teams and lecturers develop online teaching plans based on the guidance of superiors; Organize discussion, review and evaluation of online teaching plans of lecturers, professional groups and faculties. Satisfactory online teaching plans are approved for implementation, unsatisfactory plans are returned to lecturers, specialized groups, and correctional and adjustment departments.

2.2.2. Managing the implementation of the online teaching plan at the university

a) Manage online teaching habits

Manage the online teaching routine in order to build a serious, disciplined and disciplined teaching environment, contributing to improving the quality of online teaching. In order for online teaching to be implemented seriously and effectively, the school needs to build a teaching routine with a number of contents: Building regulations for online teaching (about teaching content, teaching methods) , ways and deadlines for sending learning materials to students, teaching time, ways of interaction between lecturers and students, etc.) and disseminate this regulation to all lecturers, administrators and students to joint implementation and implementation supervision; Decentralize login to online classes for some managers in functional departments to facilitate the inspection and supervision of the online teaching process; Designing teaching software with a "trace" function so that administrators can understand the progress of the online lesson when necessary; Develop specific regulations for students' online learning activities on such contents as: Class registration; Class login; Minimum class time to pass; the number of tests; Scores must be achieved… and disseminated to students before starting online classes; Regularly or periodically surveying students' opinions about online teaching activities helps administrators understand the situation of online teaching, thereby making adjustments if necessary.

Normally, the regulations on online teaching are not too different from traditional teaching because it still adheres to the established timetable and issued training regulations, however, because teaching and learning with the support of Because technology is not concentrated in schools, online teaching needs to be checked and monitored more often to ensure that teaching activities are carried out in a disciplined, serious and effective manner.

b) Manage the implementation of the goals and contents of the online teaching program at the university

Each training program in the university has a certain goal system and each module will have its own goals, but they are all geared towards realizing the overall goal of the training program and ensuring the output standards of students. . Managing the implementation of online goals is the leader, the school manager affects the management object (specifically, lecturers, students…) in order to properly implement and achieve the course objectives. proposed training program. The content of an online teaching program is a document specifying the specific objectives, content structure, duration, teaching time, teaching method, etc. of each module (detailed course outline), of the course. specialized training programs.

Managing the implementation of the content of the online teaching program is managing the implementation of the training plan according to the school's goals. Leaders of schools, faculties and subjects must make lecturers master the program, not arbitrarily change, add, remove or distort the content of the teaching program. Managing the implementation of the program is the management of online teaching in accordance with the prescribed program. In order to manage the implementation of the goals and content of the online teaching program, leaders and managers must understand the objectives and content of the course and training program.

c) Manage online teaching and learning activities of lecturers and students at the university

Teaching-learning activities are activities that hold a central position in the university because they occupy most of the time and workload of lecturers and students during the school year, are the foundation for successful implementation of the goals of the university. universities, and at the same time determine the quality of training and the reputation of the school. When changing the form of teaching from traditional teaching to online teaching, the position and role of teaching and learning activities do not change. University leaders need to be aware of the important position and specificity of teaching and learning activities at universities in order to take appropriate management measures to improve the quality of online teaching in particular and the quality of teaching and learning activities. training in general.

Accordingly, the management of teaching and online learning activities also holds a special position in university management. Managing online teaching and learning activities is to control the online teaching process of lecturers and students' online learning process, ensuring that the process operates scientifically and organized according to objective laws and regulations. be directed and regularly supervised to achieve the goal of online teaching.

d) Managing the development of the university's online learning environment

The learning environment is an issue that is always concerned in education and training because of its strong impact on the psychology and learning attitude of students, affecting students' academic achievement. A suitable learning environment will help students feel comfortable, make the learning process more interesting, and students will be more active in their learning activities. In online teaching, the focus on developing an online learning environment becomes even more important because online learning takes place in virtual classrooms, through technology applications, students are not allowed to interact. directly with lecturers and classmates, so it is easy to get bored and lack motivation to study. Recognizing this issue, university leaders and managers need to attach importance to the management and development of the online learning environment. A favorable online learning environment for students must: have an online classroom system with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, ensuring the necessary features; technology infrastructure to ensure stable and efficient operation; Lectures are easy to understand and attract; A system of rich, diverse, appropriate and easily accessible learning materials; Student forums are always interested and updated; Academic advisors and technical staff to support students in a timely manner; The system that provides feedback on the learning process and learning results works effectively (fast and timely);

e) Manage the regular testing, assessment, and periodical assessment of students' online learning results at the university

Testing and assessment is an important component of the teaching process in general and online teaching in particular. Examination and evaluation is the comparison and comparison of the students' qualifications, knowledge, skills and attitudes with the defined requirements of the teaching and training objectives. Testing and evaluation is not simply the recording of teaching and learning results, but the results of testing and evaluation are the basis for proposing decisions that change the status quo for better teaching and learning activities. In online teaching, testing and evaluation is even more meaningful because the teaching process takes place through technology infrastructure, requires a high degree of initiative and self-discipline of students... Therefore, management The examination and assessment of online learning results of students at universities plays a very important role in training management and school management.

School leaders and managers need to be aware that once the forms and techniques of teaching have been changed, there must be innovations in testing and evaluation at the same time. Therefore, when implementing online teaching, schools need to raise the awareness of teachers about the meaning of testing and evaluation, especially regular testing and evaluation because in online classes, teachers almost always failing to understand student behavior; Organize training for lecturers on effective forms of testing and assessment in online teaching; Organize examinations and exams in accordance with regulations, set deadlines for students to return papers and pay grades; Enhance student feedback…

2.2.3. Evaluating the results of online teaching at universities

Evaluating the results of online teaching at universities is very important, not only providing information for leaders and managers but also useful information for each staff member and lecturer to be self-aware. Performance results, have a plan to promote strengths and limitations, overcome weaknesses in the process of performing work.

Evaluating the results of online teaching at universities should be evaluated in the following aspects: Evaluation of planning and design of online teaching materials; Evaluation of the implementation of the online teaching system and organization; Evaluation of testing and assessment activities of lecturers in online teaching at universities.

In order to promote the meaning of evaluation activities, the school's leadership and management must ensure the principles of accuracy, objectivity, fairness and publicity; Develop a system of standards for each content, each activity and widely disseminate to officials and lecturers before conducting online teaching; Appreciate the activities of advising on measures to adjust activities for lecturers after the assessment…

2.2.4. Ensuring the conditions for improving the quality of online teaching at universities

Just like in traditional teaching, in order to organize successful online teaching, every school needs to pay special attention to its management team and staff, especially the issue of professional competence and level of information technology. believe. Because, they are the direct force that determines the quality of online teaching. Accordingly, the school needs to organize training to improve the online teaching capacity for lecturers and administrators.

An important advantage of the online form of teaching is to promote the spirit of autonomy, self-study and self-study of students through the exploitation of the online learning material system. Therefore, in order to promote this advantage and contribute to improving the learning efficiency of students, the school needs to ensure that the system of learning materials meets the standards of online learning materials. To do so, the school needs to develop a standard framework for online learning materials, from which the specialized faculties deploy for each subject to develop the standard of learning materials of each subject based on the specificity of each subject and the standard framework. of the school. For example, some standards such as: Learning materials must adhere to the content, training objectives, be pedagogical, easy to use, meet the needs of learners' self-study, and prescribe methods of providing learning materials to students. learner; regulations on the formats of learning materials; …

In online teaching, both teaching and learning activities are carried out through information technology tools. Besides, information technology infrastructure (internet network, bandwidth, cost...) also plays an important role because it directly and significantly affects the progress and quality of teaching. Therefore, ensuring the information technology infrastructure, in particular, ensuring the server infrastructure, internet, speed, transmission lines, bandwidth, and software systems to meet the ability to access and store data. Learning resources, teaching and learning data are important in ensuring and improving the quality of online teaching in particular and the quality of the school's training in general.

In order to ensure the quality of online teaching activities, functional departments need to promote their responsibilities and have coordination between functional units such as training department, quality assurance department, working office. students, the finance department, the scientific management department, the library... to ensure that the design and organization of online teaching take place smoothly, smoothly and effectively. To do so, the school needs to issue regulations on online training, which clearly define the roles, responsibilities and powers of each functional unit and the coordination mechanism between functional units; Regularly listen to the feedback of students, lecturers, administrators to evaluate this cooperation…

3. Conclusion

Online teaching requires the application of information technology to teaching, so understanding and applying technological achievements in online teaching and online teaching management is very important, contributing to improving effectiveness of this form of teaching. It can be seen that online teaching at universities has certain characteristics and is different from the conventional forms of traditional training deployed. The article has clarified the requirements for online teaching activities at universities in Vietnam today and the contents of managing online teaching activities at universities. From there as a basis for proposing management solutions to improve the quality of online teaching activities management.


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