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The evolution of journalism and its future trends

Расторгуева Наталья Евгеньевна – кандидат педагогических наук, старший преподаватель кафедры Теории и истории журналистики Российского университета дружбы народов.

Янь Цзялэ – магистрант Российского университета дружбы народов.

Abstract: According to the origin and development of journalism, from the point of view of the world news history of journalism, the history of journalism can be divided into five stages. The first period - from 59 BC. to 1833, germination stage. Journalism belongs to the authorities, and only their voices are heard; the second period, from 1833 to 1883, is called the birth period. People began to focus on truthful, objective and public reporting; the third phase lasted from 1883 to 1908, known as the growth phase. A combination of newspapers and people accustomed to journalism. Journalism became a part of their life, the fourth stage fell on the period from 1908 to 1947, the so-called stage of maturity. The public believes that freedom and responsibility are two immutable rules in journalism; the fifth phase, which began in 1947 and continues to the present, is called consolidation. Truth is the life of journalism. At the same time, with the rapid development of society and the economy, many new branches of journalism are emerging, such as Internet news, webcasts, and social networking sites.

Аннотация: По зарождению и развитию журналистики, с точки зрения новостной мировой истории журналистики, историю журналистики можно разделить на пять этапов. Первый период - с 59 г. до н.э. по 1833 г., стадия прорастания. Журналистика принадлежит властям, и слышны только их голоса; второй период, с 1833 по 1883 год, называется периодом зарождения. Люди начали сосредотачиваться на правдивых, объективных и публичных отчетах; третья фаза длилась с 1883 по 1908 год, известная как фаза роста. Сочетание газет и людей, привыкших к журналистике. Журналистика стала частью их жизни, четвертый этап пришелся на период с 1908 по 1947 год, так называемый этап зрелости. Общественность считает, что свобода и ответственность – два непреложных правила в журналистике; пятая фаза, начавшаяся в 1947 году и продолжающаяся по настоящее время, называется консолидацией. Правда – это жизнь журналистики. В то же время, с быстрым развитием общества и экономики, появляются многие новые отрасли журналистики, такие как интернет-новости, веб-трансляции и сайты социальных сетей.

Keywords: journalism, germination, start, growth, maturity, development trend.

Ключевые слова: журналистика, зарождение, начало, рост, зрелость, тенденция развития.

First, the content of news dissemination has a huge information capacity. New media relies on the advantages of networked and digital media to provide the recipients of news information with a wide variety of information, covering all aspects of politics, economy, culture, education and life, which can be described as all-inclusive. These vast amounts of information are stored on the Internet in different categories after being processed by digital technology, and users can read news information voluntarily and selectively through the Internet, not only to learn the latest news information, but also to check previous news information and background materials and related reports according to their needs.

Secondly, the way of news dissemination is more diversified, and multi-point interaction is realized at the same time. The new media background of the news dissemination form mainly includes network communication, wireless digital mobile communication and mass media, etc. Diversified forms of communication can be achieved to complement each other, say goodbye to the single traditional mode of communication, to make up for the shortcomings of different modes of communication, so as to effectively realize the seamless dissemination of news dissemination, users can listen to the news at any time and place, through a variety of media. Among them, especially the network communication has the deepest influence in the society.

Third, the main body of news information dissemination is extended from traditional news media people to socialized individuals [1]. Traditionally, news information is produced and published by professional news media people, and the objective news information is produced with personal emotions, making the news information with personal subjective color. In the new media era, information networking affects all walks of life and all kinds of social individuals, and social groups of different ethnic groups, different cultural beliefs and different educational backgrounds can publish their views and opinions on news information through the network, which is an open platform, and can also start a conversation and discussion on a certain news information. Users can release social opinions and hot issues of life that are of public concern through mobile network digital terminals, etc., which in turn can cause people to think deeply about social phenomena and human attitudes, which will be important materials for news media people to produce information. It can be said that the new media has realized the real participation of the public in the release of news and information.

Fourth, the new media has realized the multi-level relationship between news information and the audience. While new media want to provide the audience with a huge amount of news information, also yes, the news audience appears to be scattered, and there is no fixed news group relationship. [2] News through the exchange of information and the audience to reach a certain relationship, the new media network digital technology for the establishment of this relationship has played a very good role in promoting.

Second, the development trend of news communication in the new media era

The development of news can not be separated from the rapid development of information technology digital network technology, the new media era will be the integrity of the new development trend, the main performance of the following aspects [2].

First, in terms of communication technology, the development of science and technology will greatly change people's lives [2], the continuous development of new media technology will also present people with more news dissemination media, through the high and more high-tech content of the communication media people can be more convenient and fast to receive news information and release, dissemination of news information, news dissemination technology will develop to a deeper, more technological content of the direction.

Secondly, in the content of the news dissemination, the continuous development of the new media can bring more and more advanced news information for people. At the same time, the network way of news dissemination can also realize the timely update of news information, keep the news information in the state of surging update, the vast number of users can express their unique views on information through different media, realize the real-time exchange and interaction of news information, to a certain extent, can realize the decentralization and diversification of the main body of news information dissemination, information through the network media, wireless digital mobile The characteristics of the terminal to build new nodes and links to information, can really promote the news information topic to extend in the direction of continuous depth. This kind of constantly extended information expansion mode realizes accumulated information precipitation in the deep communication decline of many users, and further promotes the social expansion of news information dissemination [3].

Finally, from the perspective of the development of news media, the openness and networking of new media will impact the development of traditional media, and the living space of traditional media will be greatly compressed. In the future development process, the news media will change more towards the direction of digital development, making the development of news more modern technology characteristics, in line with the trend of social and technological development [5].

All in all, news communication under new media has developed into the frontier of journalism research today, which has well promoted the development of journalism in both theory and practice. In the process of future news development, we should maintain the advantages of traditional media news communication on the basis of better use of the new media to bring the convenience of news communication, and jointly promote the further development of the new field of news.

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