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Future work: socioeconomic and educational aspects

Погребняк Надежда Сергеевна – студент МИРЭА - Российского технологического университета.

Аннотация: Работа поднимает вопросы взаимосвязи работы и обучения в ВУЗе и равновесия современной жизни в России. Глубокий анализ существующей ситуации и пути ее улучшения представлены в работе. Сегодня система образования не может покрыть потребности бизнес сообщества и производства в квалифицированных кадров. Проблема может быть решена благодаря кооперации бизнеса и университетов. Автор представляет идеи как покрыть запросы общества в квалифицированных, мобильных и готовых развиваться работников.

Abstract: The report relates to job - education interconnection and balance in modern life in Russia. The deep analysis of the current situation and the ways of its improvement have been given. As nowadays the system of education can not provide business and production with specialists in need, the problem could be solved by cooperation of business and educational institutions. The author comes up with the ideas how to satisfy the society’s demands for well - qualified, mobile, ready for training and retraining employees.

Ключевые слова: социоэкономические и образовательные аспекты, взаимосвязь образования, анализ современной ситуации, система образования, сотрудничество с бизнесом, Спин-офф предприятия.

Keywords: Socioeconomic and educational aspects, education interconnection, analysis of the current situation, system of education, cooperation of business, society’s demands, qualified employees, Spin-off enterprises.


Work, job or hobby? What an average person will choose for the whole life. The dream for each is not to work at all but get huge amount of money regularly, of course, it is a fairy tale in our world. The question is how to get highly paid hobby, that will bring you not only salary you would like to have, but also personal satisfaction and joy.

The answer starts from our childhood. The specialists say even being at early age a person already knows who he will be in future. Therefore, skipping the details of this period, we imagine having chosen the profession we would like to. What goes next?

Next step in our life is school. Being one of the most important periods in people's career, it has been absolutely changed for the last twenty years. Although our country still takes the first places in different TOPs made by world scientists, the situation is not as perfect as it may seem. Nowadays, it is a common idea to have a tutor in order to pass final school exams, as knowledge gained at school is not enough to enter University. Here comes another question – is it really so necessary for children to go to school? - As a whole, yes, it is, but….

Well, having passed GCSE exams in Russia, a teenager goes to institute. Within four years, he or she burns the midnight oil, studying and getting perfect marks. Why? If any employer wants a well-educated, experienced and smart employee. Can a student get enough knowledge without practice? – Of course, not, he cannot. The only solution to this problem is working while studying. So, while getting money, experience and even joy, a man asks himself whether the time spent in Universities worth the paid working time. The problem becomes more serious when the only reason to attend lectures is to show that you are in the lecture hall, but not to learn new interesting things.

Problems and solutions

The main purpose of the questions mentioned above is to show how many difficulties a young man can face on his way to a prosperous and happy working life.

So being a student, you should solve a great number of problems relating to job, among which the most important issues are:

  • universities are not interested in students who work;
  • employers need experienced employees;
  • choice of a job while you are a student;
  • what the person would like to be when graduates from an educational institution.

 As for solving the problems, discussion could be forever. But…

Now let us refer to statistics. It is a well-known fact that more than 71% of all students work, comprising about 3 million people. More than 57% out of them work not on the specialty. There is no doubt - the problem is of importance. One can represent it in the form of a scheme


Figure 1. Vicious circle.

Let us find out what “vicious circle” is. It consists of several points. The first one that every student faces is a choice of future workplace: will it be a cafe or something more serious? Imagining a smart man who wants to develop himself. He chooses a big business company with a worthwhile reputation and goes to a job interview. The results will not be surprising: first practice with a timetable of 5/2, than we discuss your future in our company. That brings us to the next point we have to think over. If a student chooses to start practice, efforts for study will be increased and marks will not be excellent, as attendance should be perfect and professors do not want to put themselves in somebody’s shoes, as there are thousands of students in university. Therefore, the only way is a cafe where you can choose your timetable according to your study, earning not less than in a worthy enterprise.

In order to find appropriate solution we have to think over the demands, which each participant of the process may have.


Figure 2. Demands.

The first one is a student. The main purpose that makes people work is lack of money. Getting some money from parents could be not enough to realize dreams. The sense of full freedom as you are an adult person is impossible without your own pocket money. At the same time, every student has to pass exams twice a year, and that means he/she should spend time on study, which could be useless for work. As time is money that is a pity to waste hours in university only for a good mark, especially if the employer will not even look through your diploma paper.

Another one is business. The fact is that any company aims at improving and developing, itself, that is why it undoubtedly needs to have competent employees - professionals as the only possible option to achieve this aim. Managers unwillingly get trainees, as too much time should be taken to organize practice for a student. Doubtless, any business does not see this as rationality. The third demand is University that wants to have students who study hard. What is more, the results of the gained knowledge should be applied to a scientific investigation, useful for the real life. To carry out research work of the appropriate quality, one should spend thousands of hours.

The arguments presented in the article lead us to the one of possible solutions. My solution is based on the scheme shown below.


Figure 3. Solution.

Four year studying in universities without practice is a waste of time, possibilities, experience and money. In this case, business and educational systems could help each other. The aim can be achieved through the cooperation of possibilities of business and universities, multiplied on effort and wish of a student. First and foremost, the curriculum must be issued on the basis of co-authorship of business and system of higher educational institutions. One should aware the necessity of business participation in the process of education nowadays providing different kinds of help including the financial one for students to prepare them for future active work at enterprises and offices as well as organizing obligatory professional training and retraining. In addition, small innovative enterprises (spin-off) based on universities could give practice for students with benefit for scientific work, discoveries in science resulting in tremendous technical progress. Therefore, a spin-off cooperation is the best example of collaboration between institutes and enterprises. Of course, government grants as great motivations for everyone can encourage movers to great scientific discoveries.

Coming back to the first steps in our life, a part of solutions could be the next thought. Firstly, it is reasonable to give children their childhood. No doubt, a smart teen is perfect for parents, but what about his/her free time to watch cartoons, read not the school summer list of literary works but the books young people like, just going for a walk with friends and having fun together? Remember yourself, your young age, and give some freedom to your child. 

Well, changing the whole system is a long hard process. Giving a good stimulus for teachers like worthy salary, will not change the whole system, at least we will decrease demand of working for money only, but will encourage teachers to work and contribute to country’s development and prosperity.


Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to strengthen that the main idea for students is to start working as soon as possible. However, we have many possibilities in our country such as grants for practice, spin-off companies and just welcoming firms. No matter what company you will start working but much more important that your first experience should be on your specialty, that is your move towards your work of dream, and the more active you are the faster your dreams will come true.


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