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The impact of tourism on the image of the country outside: review of the positive experience of foreign countries

Асипова Жанна Медеуовна – ассоциированный профессор PhD, Казахский национальный университет им. Аль-Фараби, кампус КазНУ (Алматы, Казахстан)

Исмагулов Темирлан Сабитович – магистрант 2 курса Алматинского технологического университета, кампус АТУ (Алматы, Казахстан)

Abstract: In this article, tourism of Kazakhstan and other countries was described and compared, conclusions were drawn regarding the advantages and disadvantages of tourism of the two countries of Kazakhstan and Egypt, Turkey and France. The dependence of the country's image on tourism is described. An analysis of the success of Egypt and Turkey in the field of tourism was carried out. The reasons for the success of the leader in tourism in the person of France were described, what is the reason for its success, why its indicators are much higher than those of other countries. And an analysis was also carried out in terms of whether Kazakhstan will be able to achieve the same or even better results in this area.

Keywords: Tourism, the image of the country, tourist magnet, marketing, ecotourism.


A positive image of the territory of any country or its image, a brand is formed as a result of the influence of a mass of conditions - this is the degree of economic development, the level of formation of infrastructure, transport, services, the availability of recreational resources, the natural component of the area, and besides its general investment attractiveness. The development of the positive style of the territory is greatly influenced by the unified position of the economy, as well as the degree of formation of infrastructure and services. Tourism marketing and territory marketing are interdependent phenomena. On the one hand, travel agencies are considered subjects of territory marketing, on the other hand, territory marketing helps to increase the tourist flow. Tourism, formed to a fairly large extent, allows visitors to the state to form their own positive opinion, to form their own personal image of this or another territory. The main goal of these marketing subjects is to increase profits through the implementation of tour packages. The result of this movement is an increase in the attractiveness of the territory, and in addition, the prestige of the site as a whole [1].


The following methods were used to write the work: analysis of databases of the state fund for tourism, analysis of articles on tourism in foreign countries, comparison method, statistics analysis.

Research results

Often, tourism in various states turned out to be the lever, the use of which made it possible to normalize the entire state economy of the country. In many states, tourism is of significant importance in creating an internal continuous product (GDP), creating additional working areas, as well as providing employment for residents, and activating the foreign trade balance. Tourism has a huge impact on such basic areas of the economy, as well as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, the manufacture of consumer products, etc., i.e. is a kind of catalyst for socio-economic formation. In 1993, Kazakhstan became a member of the World Tourism Organization [2].

Every year, since 2000, the largest tourism forum in Central Asia has been held in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, the KITF exhibition - a key indicator and demonstration site that presents novelties and trends in the tourism industry. The main tourism in Kazakhstan is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Popularity of types of tourism among foreign visitors in 2022.

Problems of development of international tourism in Kazakhstan:

  • The bias of the information provided on the state of the industry.
  • The problem of training specialists.
  • The high cost of services of national air carriers, for foreign and domestic air carriers.

International tourism, when people travel outside their own country, has long existed as a leisure activity in wealthier countries or as a form of pilgrimage around the world. Today, however, there is an explosion of tourist tourism in developing countries, demonstrating that many societies in the world continue to apply this practice [3]. On the example of the positive experience of Egypt, an analysis of the tourism potential of Kazakhstan will be carried out. Figure 2 shows the statistics on the popularity of tourism in Egypt.


Figure 2. The most popular types of tourism in Egypt in 2022.

Every year, about 10 million tourists come to Egypt. From the figure above, you can see which tourism sector is the most profitable and in demand [4]. Sports and historical tourism have the highest rates, but this is not surprising, because Egypt has unique historical architectural structures built by an ancient civilization, which in turn are of interest to many. More active tourists prefer a sporty look, in this area Egypt has also excelled, because along with the unique pyramids, Egypt also has picturesque underwater and beach views that attract a large number of foreign tourists. A big role in the popularity of tourism was played by the fact that Egypt at one time was able to properly advertise its unique sights and landscapes, and then the flow of those who wanted to look at the unique architecture could not be stopped, later Egypt connected other types of tourism [5].

Another successful example of tourism is Turkey. About 16 million tourists come here every year. Tourism in Turkey is one of the main sources of income and a component of the country's economy. Figure 3 shows the statistics of the most preferred type of tourism


Figure 3. The most popular types of tourism in Turkey.

Such high rates are not surprising since Turkey has about 355 beaches, 700 hotels, 1300 thermal springs, a ski resort and ancient cultural monuments: the ruins of great Troy and other ancient Roman cities. All this together attracts a large number of tourists from other countries. The unique geographic location of Turkey between two continents, the variety of landscapes, the wonderful mild climate, has been determining Turkey's popularity as a holiday destination for many years. Many people prefer a beach holiday to any other [6].

Both Turkey and Egypt are attractive for tourists to visit, as this field of activity is the main source of income for these countries, but the main leader in tourism is France, about 86.9 million tourists come here every year. This is much more than all the countries described above combined. Such a high figure is due to the unique historical component of the country. While tourism itself is important to France, it is not the main source of income like the countries above. The tourist attraction of France is due to the large number of attractions for every taste, the variety of landscapes, the richness of historical and artistic heritage, the temperate climate and ease of transport access, as well as the proper tourist services (hospitality, amusement parks) and transport infrastructure. Thus, each French department is a tourist department – with many of its own attractions. Every year, tourists come to see unique sights such as: cathedrals, historical castles, museums, historical halo-roman settlements, beaches on the Cote d'Azur and much more [7].


Thus, to sum up regarding the tourism of Kazakhstan in comparison with other countries, it turned out that about 3 million tourists come to Kazakhstan every year, while about 10 million come to other major tourist countries (for example, Egypt, Turkey and France were taken) over 15 million. The success of the leader in the field of tourism, France, was also analyzed. How did it achieve such indicators in this area and what unique places tourists visit. Kazakhstan has a high potential for tourism, the Internet resource dknews.kz named about 100 places that can become tourist magnets and increase the flow of guests up to 15 million. It follows that tourism in Kazakhstan should be developed. This requires highly qualified personnel in the marketing and advertising department, as well as infrastructure development.


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