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The situation on the labour market is one of the main factors in the development of the state

Асранова Гулпери Манасовна – преподаватель кафедры Экономики Ошского технологического университета.

Аннотация: Рынок труда Кыргызской Республики характеризуется сохранением высокого уровня безработицы, низким уровнем создания рабочих мест и низкой квалификацией работников.

Abstract: The labor market of the Kyrgyz Republic is characterized by the preservation of high unemployment, low rate of job creation and low qualification of workers.

Ключевые слова: Безработица, труд, работа, уровень, рабочие, развитие, особенности.

Keywords: Unemployment, labor, work, level, workers, development, features.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were fundamental changes, the Union republics gained independence, changed passport and visa, migration policy, the order of entry and exit, crossing state borders. Established after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the situation on the labor market of Kyrgyzstan was characterized by the stopping of large industrial enterprises in the cities, the collapse of collective and state farms in the villages, which led to timely unemployment. In search of work, the source of life of the population from rural areas moves to regional centers and cities.

Currently, unemployment is a serious social problem in the labor market. In different systems, the concept of "unemployed" is perceived differently. The unemployed in economically developed countries are understood to be an able-bodied person who wants to work but cannot find a job according to his or her requirements. As you know, unemployment is a direct economic cost for the whole society. Unemployment during the economic crisis is exacerbated by the stagnation of production enterprises, massive reduction of workers, as well as unpaid leave and many other reasons. In world practice, the costs of the unemployed are calculated

Basically, the growth of unemployment amounted to more than a billion dollars. USA. Since the unemployed go to the payment of benefits, the program of employment and retraining of the unemployed and other activities, nevertheless significantly increasing the budget deficit. In addition, it should be noted that there are social costs of unemployment, which are not covered by any money. As a result of the loss of work in the mind of man, traditional values of modern society, primarily labor-related values, are being destroyed.

The international labour organization adopted above also plays an important role in protecting the labour rights of citizens.  This organization is an international organization established in 1919. During the activities of this organization was adopted by a certain labor code.  The code consists of 181 conventions and 188 recommendations.

It promotes the employment of the unemployed, promotes the development of small and medium-sized businesses through the involvement of micro-credit system, providing them with financial support and employers, creating new jobs for unemployed citizens for the development of entrepreneurship.

The main factors contributing to the emergence of large-scale unforeseen migration processes, the growth of international (external) migration and the intensification of intra-Republican movements(internal migration) were the decline in the standard of living of the population, high unemployment, and the lack of appropriate social protection.

Today, every second family in Kyrgyzstan has some connection with migration. As in other States, Kyrgyzstan is involved in the globalization of migration. The geographical position of Kyrgyzstan between the West and the East contributes to the fact that it is not only a host state, but also a transit one.

The main characteristic of international migration is migration outflow (arrival), defined as the difference between leaving the state and arriving in the state.In Kyrgyzstan, the number of departures has exceeded the number of arrivals over the past 20 years, so international migration has a negative balance. The total volume of out-migration for the period 1990 - 2010, according to the national statistics of the Kyrgyz Republic amounted to 637 065 people. a significant part of immigrants (Russians, Germans,Jews, etc.) b.) departed on historical homeland. Indigenous peoples have also joined this stream since 2000. The peak of migration occurred in 1991-1993, when tens of thousands of people left the country in search of work or permanent residence.

According to him, at the moment in this enterprise delivery of coal to a heating season ended. Ensures social protection of the unemployed by taking the necessary measures in the labor market, promotes their employment, and regulates the creation of jobs together with the ministries concerned, state committees, administrative departments, regional state administrations.

Provides retraining and advanced training of unemployed citizens on the basis of studying the needs of the labor market.

Provides trilateral cooperation( prfsuz, employers, public authorities) in order to develop coordinated decisions on the definition and implementation of employment policy. (Regulation on the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Kyrgyz Republic, approved by government resolution No. 147 of 15 March 1999))

In conclusion, we can say that the strengthening of migration processes or unemployment is detrimental to all social spheres, there are acute issues such as social orphanhood.


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