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Relations of Kyrgyzstan with Great Britain

Абдыразакова Зарипа Матисаковна – кандидат исторических наук, доцент кафедры Общественных наук Ошского технологического университета.

Аннотация: В статье анализируются материалы взаимоотношений в различных сферах. Основное внимание уделяется политическим и экономическим проблемам.

Ключевые слова: Политика, регионы, история,время, взаимоотношения.

Abstract: In article materials of mutual relations in various areas are analyzed. The basic attention has been given political and economic problems.

Keywords: Politics, regions, history, time, relationships.

England recognized the independence of Kyrgyzstan on January 20, 1992. On 27 January of the same year, he established diplomatic relations with him. In September 1997, the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Great Britain was opened.

October 25, 1992, the British Ambassador in the UK, Brian George. A delegation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs headed by fall arrived in Bishkek. On October 26, President of the Republic Brian Fol A. Presented his credentials to Akaev. The second Secretary of the Embassy Tim barrow, Attaché of the military leadership Pete Jones, held a meeting with the leadership of the State Committee on defense of Kyrgyzstan. Members of the trade mission of the Embassy Mr. garis and esli held meetings with the heads of the ministries of trade, agriculture, industry, the State Committee for external relations, educational institutions of international business and management under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The representative of the Embassy for culture, Mr. Ayres, met with the leadership of the Ministry of culture, education and the rector of KNU. Mr. Bern and Benjamin met with leaders of political parties in the Republic and representatives of the embassies of Turkey and the United States in Kyrgyzstan. The representative of the press service and information service of the Embassy MacPhail discussed plans of cooperation with journalists of some republics.

Bilateral relations developed well in 1993. In October of this year, a special British delegation headed by the state Minister of foreign Affairs of the CIS member States, member of Parliament Douglas hog Arrived in Kyrgyzstan.

The President of the Kyrgyz Republic A. Atalbeitar-Minister Sariev got acquainted with the activities of farmers in Chui oblast Chyngyshev J. A. b. meeting with representatives of the authorities.

At the end of the meeting, a number of documents were signed at the government House. Among them is the joint Declaration on economic cooperation between the governments of the two countries, as well as the Declaration on expanding cooperation between the ministries of foreign Affairs of great Britain and the Kyrgyz Republic.b. was.

In February 1994, the British Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Noel Andrew Jones took part in the opening ... Handed credentials Akaev. A. A. Suhomlinskiy noted that the UK makes a significant contribution to the development of Kyrgyzstan and assessed the prospects of bilateral relations.

In turn, the British Ambassador said that he would try to create favorable conditions for Kyrgyzstan's withdrawal from the economic crisis.

During the meeting with Kaparov, the first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic discussed the issues of further development of bilateral relations, expansion and strengthening of business relations of foreign ministries.

As a gift, the British Ambassador presented the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic with a satellite antenna and 4,000 us dollars for technical development.

In 1996, our Republic was visited by the representative of the family of the Queen of great Britain crown Prince Charles of Wales.

However, bilateral, multifaceted and dynamic cooperation began to develop only in the late 1996-ies.  Lord Owen, who arrived on a working visit to Kyrgyzstan on 5 may 1998, was appointed President of the Kyrgyz Republic A. Atambayev.During the meeting with Akayev, opportunities and prospects for bilateral cooperation were discussed. In particular, attracting investments in the Kyrgyz economy, the development of the guarantee market, the introduction of new technologies, the guarantee of air transportation, telecommunications, tourism, etc. British lords presented projects on investment, development of the securities market of the CIS countries. He stated that the leadership of the CD would support these ideas and that it was possible to create favourable cooperation on a long-term basis.

In October 1998, the meeting of the British Minister of state for foreign Affairs D. J. was held in Bishkek. Quin and President Akayev discussed the prospects of bilateral relations.

This meeting was of an introductory nature. The Prime Minister exchanged views on the upcoming referendum and UK investments. During the meeting, the parties discussed issues of cooperation in the field of economy, trade and investment, as well as exchanged views on the development of trade and economic relations between Kyrgyzstan and China.

In may 1999, the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs of the public chamber of great Britain D. parliamentary delegation headed by Andersen arrived in Kyrgyzstan. As a result of this meeting was prepared by the ad hoc conclusion that contains recommendations on the development of the relations of great Britain with the countries of Central Asia. A major role in shaping the outcome was played by the visit of the representative of the House of lords of great Britain Baroness Smith in September 2000.

From the UK we have first-form plastics, chemical materials, rubber, metal products, power generation machines, machines and parts.

The bulk of our exports to the UK are kerosene for British Midland Airways (BMP) aircraft.

The sphere of interests of British investors in our country is the tourism business and participation in the production of gold. In the future, it is necessary to expand bilateral relations. In particular, it is necessary to fully operate the projects on the arrival of the British business in the processing, textile industry and oil refineries.


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