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"Manas" - a sample of oral creativity of the people

Зулпуев Ашим Зулпуевич – кандидат филологических наук, доцент Ошского технологического университета.

Аннотация: В статье автор подробно описывает хронику и историю сбора с уст народа, запись на бумагу, подготовки академического издания книгой океаноподобного эпоса “Манас”, которого искусные манасчи пели складно и заливаясь днем и ночью.

Abstract: In the article, the author describes in detail the chronicle and history of the collection from the people’s mouth, recording on paper, preparing an academic publication with the ocean-like epic “Manas” book, which the skilful manasches sang smoothly and bursting with day and night.

Ключевые слова: Культура этноса, великое наследие, сказка, гордость, история, богатырь, власть, богатство, бездетность, талгак (идиосинкразия, вкусовые капризы у беременной женщины), сорок витязей.

Keywords: Culture of the ethnos, great heritage, fairy tale, pride, history, hero, power, wealth, childlessness, talgak (idiosyncrasy, taste vagaries of a pregnant woman), forty knights.

The period of national revival, self-determination of the nation, the desire for personal and intellectual development. The current global political-ideological, socio-economic tension, rapidly developing and "absorbing", including all its current, human civilization, scientific and technological age-this is the period when every adult, every person, demanding to find their cultural and potential support, their individuality, individuality and every person or nation, only the cultural value cell of the people, every person, nation, every nation, regardless of its affiliation, directly or indirectly very happy.

The answer to this question is the epic "Manas". The epic is a bright reflection of the way of the people, its historically rich destiny. As reported, the event was attended by the mayor of the district Semetei Serikbaev , Chairman of the local meetings of councils Talan risbaev, Deputy mayor of the district abdimalik Sulaimanov and Jyldyz Mambetova, ... The core of art, the embodiment of the values of the national person, etc. b. rotten rotten rotten. "Manas" is the national pride of the Kyrgyz people,its great heritage, which our ancestors cherish and keep in themselves all that they had the right.

On genre lines "Manas" refers to the heroic epic. However, the content contained in it, the information provided is broader and deeper. The epic reflects the centuries-old traditions and customs of the people, its way of life, its outstanding events, its ideas about life, nature, society. From the content of "Manas" we see the wisdom of the history of the people, different moments of the fate of the people.

How great is the meaning of Manas in the epic "Manas" among the Kyrgyz in the past, you can see from this little fact: no Kyrgyz called his child "Manas". They realized that no one could be worthy of him. As a result of this sacred attitude to the epic in the world was created a huge number of equal works of art, widely distributed in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The huge volume, especially high artistic level of the epic" Manas " depends on its assessment, the place where it received from the life of the people. The special respect of the people for "Manas" was caused by the wide results of the content of the work, its wide content, attention, accumulation of all the finds of the people in it. This situation, which plays a role in each other as a cause, result, is of great importance in the development of the epic-always expanded, supplemented, experienced and instilled the best examples of those who saw in their experience a favorite epic, absorbing the events in the plot of this particularly high childhood work, focusing on the hero of Manas around him. The artistic level of "Manas" is also a direct result of its prestige among the people: it is made, refined, thanks to the long work of many talents, has reached high limits of artistic norm.

For many centuries, due to the enrichment of significant events that occurred in the people, the findings and the content of subsequent generations, data on the epic "Manas" increased and expanded, as a result of which the works corresponding to the deep content, especially the high artistic level, became especially voluminous. In the world there is no balance between "Manas" in size. It is five to ten times larger than the most famous epics of other Nations.

The best qualities of the epic "Manas" -a deep content that reflects the experiences of the people for many years, extensive events, beauty, giving aesthetic pleasure to the audience, great importance in the education and respect for generally acceptable folk finds, which made the work great, especially highly appreciated by the Kyrgyz people and glorified his Holy heritage.

Since the Kyrgyz people attach special importance to " Manas "and in the daily life of the population, this work has a wide place, first of all, in the eyes of foreign visitors, this fairy tale, in addition, each Kyrgyz woman, as a national pride before representatives of other peoples, a valuable heritage, in the face of the tutar expert, is called first of all" Manas".

The great heritage of the epic” Manas" as a great, incomparable work of art exerts an exemplary influence on professional written literature and other branches of art. Many writers, poets, composers, artists, etc., inspired by the important ideas and impressive images of this work.b. in their network, talented people create new works, images, images, many young people get an example of creating an impressive image of the epic. The famous Kyrgyz poet A. Osmonov showed great interest in the epic "Manas", got acquainted with its numerous variants and stressed that " every word of Sagymbay was said!"- the great Manaschi S. No wonder Orozbak uulu admired talent, gave high praise. On the basis of "Manas" was written the Opera "Manas", "Aichurek", many dramatic works, shot on film.

According to him, currently the country is actively working to prepare for the upcoming autumn-winter period, as well as to prepare for the upcoming autumn-winter period. Traditional plots of the epic "Manas", basically, are saved in all variants of Manaschi. The formation of the epic involves a long, difficult period. Because the history of the Kyrgyz people is rich in events, based on the fair opinion of scientists, the Kyrgyz − one of the ancient peoples. The plot core of the epic "Manas" is the epic biography of the main character of the work-the hero Manas. All events in the epic are closely related to the epic biography of the hero, centered around the image of the hero Manas. He obeys the great birth of Manas, his marriage and the conflict with his Cossacks, the leaders of the family, the main key story of "Kokotoina Asha". Subsequent events will continue on the principle of genealogical cyclization, and the description will continue with the transition to the feat of the son and grandchildren. Systemically consistent unity of this epic has passed a long, complex multi-stage path of growth. The epic biography of Manas Baatyr gradually expanded and expanded with new events. Hence, the classical image of Manas Baatyr reached such a level due to a long, complex evolutionary process of development. The miraculous birth of the hero-the beginning of the plot of the epic. Scientist R. Pay attention to the opinion of sarypbekov:" the first step to creating the image of the hero in the epics is, as a rule, a description of his birth " [p. 12]. The main meaning of the epic "Manas" is the liberation struggle of the Kyrgyz people with the Kalmaks, China, penetrated from the outside. Manas from an early age spent his whole life in wars, in various barracks. But there should be no opinion that this will not have a place in the epic, traditions and customs of a quiet life of the people. For example, in such voluminous parts as" birth of Manas"," Marriage of Manas to Kanyk "and" kokotoy Pass", we will see an unusual artistic presentation in the form of a broad storyline of folk customs, traditions and customs. One of such events, describing welfare people-the birth of Manas. The miraculous birth of the future hero in the epic" Manas", characteristic of the entire world heroic epic, is one of the traditional and plot motifs.

The hero cannot show nameless courage, and the image of the nameless hero is full-blooded, cannot reach the level of the classical image corresponding in all respects. Secondly, the birth of the hero and his progenitor one day is not just an ordinary phenomenon. The book contains statements of famous people-serious and humorous, philosophical and sarcastic-fully reflecting the essence of men and women. And another serious, important traditional story motif, traditional, widespread in the heroic epics, folklore in the whole world, is the ability of a future hero to be a peer, to raise him as a singer or sleeping.



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